Digital Form Creator

Helping business to
*  Increase productivity
*  Improve staff efficiency
*  Export & save data easily
*  Reduce operational costs

  What are the advantages for using Digital Form Creator over others.

We do not charge by the number of users or a fee every time a form is submitted,

Forms can be edited and re deployed at any time to selected staff to use,

Your current paper forms can be reproduced digitally,

The App for smart devices is provided free as part of the service.

Create  –  Deploy   –  Receive  –  Record.

While Covid-19 is active we are offering to provide a free account, so businesses can use a tablet or phone to allow customers to fill out forms and after submitting staff can sanitise the tablet or phone before the next customer.

Use this link for more information on the Covid-19 offer

Saves time, increases accuracy helping to reduce staff costs!


Easy to use no special training needed, Drag N Drop add text and save!


Platform independent!


Traditionally after the form is filled out it normally scanned and then saved to records or the information is entered into a spreadsheet,
going digital eliminates this process, saving time and resources reducing administration costs.

Digital Form Creator Account Standard Features

4 Account levels, to control staff use. Account Owner,
Account Manager,
Form Creator,
Form User

The information can be sent as an email with the form information as an attachment or it can be saved into a spreadsheet for downloading later.
Each account has a unique ID number that is used to assign registered staff privileges and  allows ease of oversight and control across all user accounts.

Is paperwork slowing your business down, Stop the paperwork, it’s time to go digital.

Optimize your revenue, profits, & performance with Digital Form Creator, the powerful tool that’s proven to:

  • Reduce Operational Expenses
  • Increase Productivity
  • Increase Data Accuracy
  • Improve Staff Efficiency … & so much more!

With the Digital Form Creator, your business forms can be digitally reproduced, deployed to the relevant staff Form Users then fill it out and its emailed directly as an attachment to the necessary people or added to the spreadsheet— all in only minutes.

You’ll never need to worry again about missing information, typing errors, forged checklist dates, or other common administrative challenges Digital Form Creator was built to prevent all of these and more.

There are Corporate packages available, contact us to learn more.

Rather than using a clipboard to perform an audit, using a tablet or phone with Digital Form Creator would be more efficient.

Digital Form Creator is a service provided by 818 Software.