Digital Form Creator App

There is an App that is used obtain location information if Mobile Data or WIFI connection available, this App is provided as an additional service free of charge.

Form Users after downloading the App and opening the App for the first time, will have to enter their registered username and password to gain access to the forms.

Each time the App is opened, any assigned forms will be available to be selected and submitted.

If internet or mobile data is available, the smart device will send the form in real time to allow for data processing.

If there is no internet or mobile data available, the App will store the submitted form within the smart device, as soon as access to the internet or mobile data is available the form is automatically sent for processing.

If the form requires the Address or Latitude or Longitude the smart device can obtain and automatically enter this information into the form if internet or mobile data is available.

When using the App the form will look different due to the smart device software, if you wish to present the form as it was created then you will need an active internet connection and open a web browser and login through the customer interface site.