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 So, you have shown interest in being rewarded for introducing Digital Form Creator to other businesses.

Digital Form Creator offers referral commissions on all payments received from clients that were introduced by you.  For more information on getting paid, use this link.

You already have businesses that you have a relationship with and you also know which of those businesses are looking at cutting costs.

To assist you in promoting Digital Form Creator

We will arrange a free Corporate 20 account for you to use which will allow you to show your clients how Digital Form Creator works.

This account will remain active for 3 months or as long as your partner code is receiving commissions.

We will recreate any forms from paper to digital at no cost to you, this will allow you to obtain a form from a potential customer and demonstrate how Digital Form Creator works.

You can just attach a copy of the required form and email it to:

How to proceed?

  • Register for a partner code
  • Register an account
  • Once it has been changed to a Corporate 20 account (we will do this step for you)
  • Have a staff member register under your account
  • Then have a look at the dashboard and change the new staff members privileges to your desired level
  • We endeavour to deploy a form that has all of the available modules for you to see how they work.

Introducing Digital Form Creator to customers

Once you have an understanding of how Digital Form Creator works,  use this knowledge to introduce Digital Form Creator to businesses or users and ensure that you receive commissions on all payments made.


If you are willing to give it a go,fill out the form below.

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