Digital Form Creator Benefits

Remove the possibility of recording of the wrong information by providing set answers to questions.

Saving of resources

No paper needed
No printing consumables used  to create the form
No clipboards or file holders
No filling cabinets or office storage

No loose forms creating a security issue
Reduced waster costs

Allows for information to be sent electronically via email to any email address without printing
Reduce staff handling costs of paper forms for electronic recording of all data without extra processing

Accuracy of data

Information cannot be misinterpreted
Required questions must be answered before submitting
Checklists cannot be forged when it comes to the time and date of use
Enhances administration procedures, by reducing or eliminating typing errors when entering paper form information into a database
Allows for transparency of information supplied
Information can be received in real time
Form attachments are in PDF format to reduce possible editing of recorded form
Allows for the completed form to be attached as a copy to an invoice showing what work was performed ensuring transparency that is desired by the customer