The business case for using Digital Form Creator.

Digital Form Creator is ideally suited for those organisations that have a large geographical footprint and many depots that need information sent back to a central main office for compliance or legislation purposes.

Currently, as an organisation you may have a central Administration office that is responsible to receive documents from other areas and then record the documents electronically.

Your current process maybe someone in the Administration Office creates a form, then prints the form or sends an electronic copy for printing, to various outlying depots, the depot then has to store these forms so staff can access them.
The staff that are required to use these printed forms have to keep them safe while performing their duties, then when required access the form, fill in the information and then return the paper form back to the depot office, the staff member then has to scan and send the form or collect the forms to be sent to the central Administration office to be scanned and recorded electronically.

The manual handling of these forms can be a concern as they can be misplaced or the information not sent in a timely manner.
Using paper forms has a cost attributed to its operational method, time to print, store, process, and record electronically.

Digital Form Creator eliminates the printing, storage and electronic recording processes associated with paper forms.
Digital Form Creator has another advantage in that the time, date, and person recording the data is automatically electronically recorded at the time of form use, eliminating any chance of a falsified record.

Additionally, the cost attributed to the manual handling of form from printing, and electronically recording is eliminated, the saving in a workers time to manually process forms can exceed the weekly cost of the Corporate Package