Covid-19 Contractor Attendance Record

Looks like due to the current Covid-19 trading situation, a lot of Restaurants & Cafés will be needing to record when they engage contractors for work to performed at their premises for possible tracing.  I am sure the last thing you need, is dealing with additional paper work and data storage.
We would like to make this process easier for you, by offering you a free trial period using digital forms through Digital Form Creator.
What this means is, that the restaurant or café could have a tablet or Ipad that’s WIFI enabled  or a smart phone available that allows the contractor to enter their details into the ready digital form and on submitting, the information is recorded to an excel spreadsheet which can be accessed by the restaurant owner / manager if needed.
After the contractor has submitted their information, staff can sanitise the tablet before the next use.

    If you wish to make use of this form please enter your email address and either the account owner username or account reference number and submit.