Cost savings are easily achieved using Digital Form Creator

Saving  20 minutes of administration time a week exceeds the weekly cost of 5 forms.

Depending on your data processing the saving could be 5 hours of administration time a week,

Standard subscription of 5 forms is AUD $5.50 a week, for Corporate Accounts the cost is even cheaper.

Using Paper Forms


  • Print the form
  • Hand to staff member to use
  • Staff members completes the from
  • Return paper form to main office
  • Admin staff scan form
  • Save the scan to a file
  • Then store or trash the form

Using Form Creator


  • Staff member opens form on device
  • Staff members completes the from
  • Admin staff saves digital form to file



There is no limit on the number of users within an account,

There is no limit on the number of form submissions,

There is a free offer to establish forms & do some testing,

Each monthly subscription allows for 5 forms that can be edited and reused within the account,

Monthly subscriptions AUD$22.00 INC GST

Extra forms can be purchased as needed for AUD$4.40 INC GST monthly.


Our current free form recreation offer.


If you need more than 5 forms a month then please contact us to discuss your needs or to enquire about our Corporate packages. 


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