Data processing

When a form is created you can select how you wish the form to be processed, either as an attachment, or stored on the server to create a statistical spreadsheet.

The attachment can either be word or PDF, as a PDF the information cannot be edited and this should be used were records are to be kept for legislative reasons or where the record may be required to be sent on  to another party or customer.

The word document will allow information to be added before recording into a record system as a PDF.

The data will remain on the server even after it  has been sent as an attachment for a period of 3 months, then it will be deleted, at any time within the 3 months the submissions can be downloaded, the data can be removed by the Account Manager / Owner or Form Creator either completely or within a date range.

 Saving the data to a spreadsheet allows the information to be added to with every submission, this is helpful when conducting surveys or doing the same inspections over a period of time.

The data downloaded can be used in charts and presentation using spreadsheet software.

The data submitted will remain on the server* after it  has been downloaded, the data then will be automatically deleted from the server, it is suggested that data collected for statistics be downloaded monthly.