Digital Form Creator Features & Modules

Account features

4 account levels = Account Owner, Account Manager, Form Creator, Form User

Information can be sent as an email with the form information attachment or can be saved into a spreadsheet for downloading later.

Each account has a unique ID number that is used to register
staff to gain secure access

The Account Owner assigns the Form Creator privileges after
staff member registration.

Created forms are allocated any staff member (Form User) that needs to use that form, so different forms are only accessed by
staff that are required for that form, allowing for a variety of
forms for the office, workshop or for use in the field.

Once a form is created it can be edited at anytime

The Form Creator can choose how the data is processed


Banner Image (Company Brand or Logo)

Description text: area for instructions for form users

Single choice: question selector  (with alert text)

Multiple choice: selector

Drop down list: answers  (with alert text)

Free text: area

Calendar: module to easily enter date information

Signature:  module  allowing for a signature to be recorded 

Page layout:  allowing to add 2, 3 or 4 columns on each line

All the modules can be added columns at anytime

All modules and columns can be dragged and dropped anywhere within the form