Getting paid referal commissions

Your Partner code is your link to your referral commission entitlements. On registering, your client will need to enter your Partner code into the partner code field to assign that customer to your Partner Account.

The referral commission payment of 25% is due for every successful payment from the customers you have introduced that have entered your partner code on registration.

All invoicing and account management is performed by 818 Software, so no extra work for you, the referral commission is based on all customer’s payments received by the 25th of each month that are linked to your Partner Code.

Reports are run on the 25th of each month and you, as the referring Partner – Agent, will be issued a list of invoices paid, by what customers then referral commissions are then paid on the 28th of the month.

Payments are via PayPal. Service fees charged by PayPal are debited from your payment.

 monthly :

Referral commission payments payable monthly:

Basic subscription                                            AUD$5.00

Basic subscription plus 1 extra form            AUD$6.00

Basic subscription plus 2 extra forms          AUD$7.00

Basic subscription plus 3 extra forms          AUD$8.00

Basic subscription plus 4 extra forms          AUD$9.00

Basic subscription plus 5 extra forms          AUD$10.00

Corporate 20 package                                    AUD$31.60

Corporate 50 package                                    AUD$64.00

Corporate 100 package                                  AUD$110.00

Corporate 500 package                                  AUD$480.00

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