Record keeping and Governance

Having your staff record information quickly and accurately when interacting with the public is paramount.  This is to ensure relevant information and any issues identified are readily available should future queries arise.

It has been observed that some staff members may be reluctant or find it difficult to record the information in written form at the time or shortly after the interaction, maybe because of the lack of handy writing material or being unclear of what should be recorded.

This burden can be reduced by staff using smart phones or tablets to provide a simple effective way of submitting the necessary information in digital form, to allow direct saving into records.

Having answers to select from ensures constancy, allows the recording of information easier, ensures accuracy and reduces steps in the recording process, following are just some of the benefits you can expect when using Digital Form Creator.

Saving of resources by helping to remove some unnecessary expenses from your workplace:

  • Paper
  • Printing consumables
  • Clipboards or file holders
  • Cabinets or office storage
  • Staff handling costs
  • Extra processing costs

Helps to achieve

  • Cloud storage
  • Secured protocol
  • No loose forms
  • Information sent without printing
  • Unlimited form creation possibilities
  • Unlimited form submitters

Accuracy of data

  • Information cannot be misinterpreted
  • Required questions must be answered before submitting
  • The checklist cannot be forged when it comes to the time and date of use
  • Enhances administration procedures, by reducing or eliminating typing errors when entering paper form information into a database
  • Allows for transparency of information supplied
  • Information can be received in real-time
  • Form attachments are in PDF format to reduce possible editing of the recorded form
  • Allows for the completed form to be attached as a copy to an invoice showing what work was performed ensuring transparency that is desired by the customer

Statistical information recording

  • When using the PDF function, information is recorded into the database, this information can be downloaded as a CSV file.
  • After downloading the CSV columns can be removed to leave relevant information to provide the data for reporting, charts or presentations.