Using Modules

The Banner module is used to place an image within the form:

either as a Company Logo,

or a picture to assist the Form User when filling out the form

to provide information requiring the Form User

to provide information or showing your customer an image related to the form.

 The Form Description module can be used to:

provide instructions on how to use the form

place information text that is required to be read

provide a privacy statement if collecting any personal information

When collecting any personal information, your form should have a privacy statement, the Description module can be used for this purpose, you can then have a single choice selector with the question relating to the sighting of the privacy statement.

Free Text module allows the Form Use to enter text into the form before submission

Calendar, it allows the Form User to easily select a past date.

Single choice selector module:  If a question has , a Yes or No answer then the best module to use is the Single choice selector module.

Multiple choice selector module: is used when you wish to ask a question that the Form User can select from a few answers  to a combination of answers suitable.

Drop Down List Selector module is best suited, if you want to limit answer by providing choice to select from then 

When using this module the first item should say     Select one of the following,      this would require the Form User to provide the answer.

The location modules allows for the information top be obtained by the Phone App and entered into the form, each feild is placed into a seperat column when downloading the spreadsheet.