Using Page Layout

Considerations when using page layout module, the Question modules have a choice to show the buttons or selection across the form so when displayed on a phone it is compact.

When adding in extra columns this may affect how it is displayed within a browser on a phone, if the Form User is using an IPad or tablet then with the larger display area having 2 or 3 columns will display better.

Once a form has been created it can be copied and then saved as either using the words phone or iPad the save title, this form can then be edited to make what is displayed on the device more useful.

When creating a form, you can always use the form view button next to the save button to see how it would be displayed within a browser.

The columns can be added by dragging and dropping the module where it would fit in, if example you have used a 3 column Module and then when it is displayed on the phone it needs to be changed to 2 columns, simply drop in the 2-column module and drag the questions out of the 3 columns and place them into the new module.

You do not have to start over doing the questions again and module can be dragged and dropped into any area within the form.

Please Note, when using the App the questions are all in one column, this has no affect the PDF attachment.